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How it works?

Make money with Bitland

Fill out the registration form

Simple registration, in which you need to specify the mail and password. After registration, a bonus of 1 USD (2000 Gh/s) is accrued.

Start cryptocurrency mining

Click "Start" on the selected currency. Increase power with investments, bonuses and reinvests.

Make a profit on your wallet

Withdrawing every 15 minutes of mined cryptocurrency with a low commission to your personal wallet.

Welcome to Bitland!

A secure way to mine cryptocurrency

Bitland was founded in 2017, but the entry to the cloud mining market took place only in 2018, because before the launch, the service accumulated capacity and resources, tested software and hardware. The main office is located in Canada, Ottawa, and the main mining servers are located in Iceland and Canada. Choosing Bitland you get:

  •   Mining Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tron and Tether
  •   Recharge replenishment with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Tron, DigiByte, Tether, Zcash, Perfect Money and Payeer
  •   A random bonus from 5 Gh/s to 50 Gh/s is available depending on the level (from 60 to 5 minutes)
  •   Referral bonus 50 Gh/s and 10% from the replenishment of level
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Bonuses Gh/s

59 568 672.27

Withdrawals $

439 070 216 659

Powers Gh/s

Recent financial transactions

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Why choose Bitland

Minimum investment

The minimum amount of replenishment to increase power is 0.1 USD.

High profitability

Guaranteed income tied to USD from 1% to 6% per day.

Multicurrency Mining

Allows you to switch between coins depending on their potential.

No required replenishment

Increase your income by receiving bonuses and inviting friends.

Fast replenishments

Crediting funds after the first confirmation and withdrawal of coins every 15 minutes.

Quick online chat

Communication with live employees. Response timeout up to 60 seconds.

Still not registered?

Join to Bitland, get your favorite cryptocurrencies with a single power
and get bonuses right now!


Duration of contracts - 180 days

Our tariffs

$ 0


  • 0.5% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 60 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 1


  • 1.5% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 50 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 5


  • 2.8% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 40 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 25


  • 3.5% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 30 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 75


  • 3.8% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 20 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 150


  • 4.3% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 15 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 250


  • 5% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 10 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support
$ 450


  • 6% per day
  • Reg. bonus 1 USD (2000 Gh/s)
  • Bonus every 5 minutes
  • Referral bonus
  • Free online chat
  • Free support

The fastest way to contact

contact bitland


Phone: +1 613-686-1313

Phone: +1 613-686-1314


150 Isabella St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5H3, Canada


Online Support 24/7

Fax: +1 613-686-1314

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Answers for you

Frequently asked questions

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining services offer contracts that allow you to earn income from cryptocurrency mining without buying your own equipment. Users work with the service remotely, and all equipment is located in a specially equipped computing center.

What is this company?

Bitland company opened in 2017 and started with small data centers in the Canada, now the main facilities are concentrated in Iceland. Bitland cloud mining is a service that allows you to generate one coin, without reducing the hashrate.

What are the rules of the site?

You can familiarize yourself with the rules for using the site in "Terms of use".

What is the duration of the contract?

You automatically enter into an agreement with the company for a period of 180 days from the date of registration. After replenishment of the account, the contract is extended for 180 days.

How to register?

To register, you must go to the "Registration" form and fill in the fields, indicating your mail and password. Then click the "Register" button. When registering, indicate only your reliable data.

Mining continues when I'm offline?

You do not need to constantly connect to the site in order to continue working with the miner. We do not use your equipment for cryptocurrency mining, because you can turn off your devices without loss for mining.

How to make a deposit?

In order to make a deposit, you can replenish your account through Perfect Money or Payeer directly on the site. If you use a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to make a deposit from your wallet. Make a transfer to the address indicated on the "Replenish" page. Crediting funds takes from 10 minutes to 6 hours.

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw money, you must have a minimum amount 0.03317202 LTC. 20.00000000 USDT. 200.00000000 TRX. 0.00500000 BTC. 691.10920648 DOGE. To withdraw money, go to this "Withdraw" page in your account. Choose your balance to withdraw money. Indicate the method of withdrawing funds, the amount to withdraw and the number of your wallet. After entering and checking all the data, click the "Withdrawal" button. Application processing every 15 minutes.

Where to see confirmation of replenishment / payments?

Information about the withdrawal of money can be seen on the main page of the site in the section "Recent financial transactions" . Also, all operations are displayed in your account in the "History" section.

What is reinvest?

Reinvest allows you to buy power using the extracted cryptocurrency, if there are enough funds on your balance. You can reinvest on the main page of the cabinet, in the upper right corner of the mining block.

How to level up?

To increase the level, you can reinvest or make a deposit. At the top of the dashboard page there is an information block that displays your current level and the amount you need to deposit to get the next level.

How and when is the registration bonus awarded?

Bonus for registration - 2000 Gh / s is accrued immediately after registration. The current power is displayed on the main cabinet page.

What is a random bonus? How to get it?

A random bonus from 5 Gh / s to 50 Gh / s is available depending on the level (from 60 to 5 minutes). To receive a bonus, go to the "Bonuses" page in your account, and click the "Get Bonus" button. The bonus is credited instantly and is displayed in the "Your Bonuses" table. After the lapse of time, the bonus will be available again.

What is a referral program?

This is an opportunity to increase your income by inviting friends. To do this, go to the "Partners" page in your account, click the "Copy Link" button and send it to a friend. For registration by your referral link you get 50 Gh / s, as well as 10% of the replenishment of first level referrals.

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